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  • Laurette Veres

Lake Austin Spa

Spending time in and on the water is essential to achieving elevated and sustained happiness according to Dr. Wallace J. Nichols’ Blue Mind Theory. This wellness philosophy flows through Lake Austin Spa Resort unblocking a dam of new programs and treatments, a river of opportunity for wellness seekers.

Lake Austin Spa Resort Pool
The famed Lake Austin pool. Courtesy photo

Lake Austin Spa is designed to make you feel like you are on water. From the reception area, dining room, tree house (seminar area) and work out room; it’s hard not to feel as though you are floating on Lake Austin. You can even float to the spa via water taxi. It’s no accident a garden is the first thing you see as you enter the meticulously maintained grounds, herbs and vegetables are served daily in the dining room. The front garden contains a sugar kettle turned fountain from Louisiana, a nod to the heritage of one of the owners. As this garden reached capacity, a new garden was added. “It’s a gift to our guests,” says horticulturalist Molly Pikarsky. Her growing strategy uses organic fertilizer, targeted pest management and is pesticide free. Wildflowers lure the pollinators, native black bees. You’re also welcome to say hello to the snail and weed crew: a gaggle of ducks and Emden geese! Most of the vegetables served by Executive Chef Stephane Beaucamp are grown on-site. When food is healthy and fresh, you don’t need as much to be satisfied. Small portions are “the way you should eat,” points out Janis Clapoff, General Manger. Chef Beaucamp sources locally and considers the health benefits of every ingredient that comes out of his kitchen. Along with good healthy food, guests find renewal and inspiration. Bluemersion is a program offered by Julie Haber, the Inspiration and Wellness Specialist along with Cindy Present, Fitness Director that has been added to the resort’s already robust and industry-leading educational programming. This new three-hour personal journey takes place over Lake Austin in the boat dock. Come together for reflection, connection and spiritual nourishment. Your relationship with water, personal experiences, poetry, excerpts from the book “Blue Mind,” and an exploration of mindfullness are the focus.

Barn pool is open 24-hours. Photo by Laurette Veres

Suspended above the water, thought provoking conversations and writing exercises are gently led by a caring staff. The class continues with light yoga on paddleboards and finishes with a mindful-eating exercise led by Chef Beaucamp during a family-style lunch. These experts have created a transformative experience that provides take home tools to enhance mental, emotional and physical balance. Just up the hill from the water is the world-class spa where every treatment has the same goals to enhance your life and health. “How well do you float?” asks Judy as I enter the famed barn pool. This heated lap pool is open 24 hours a day for guests, but we have it to ourselves for the next hour as I embark on a journey called Float Away Massage. This massage uses the healing properties of water. A pressure point foot massage is followed with a focus on the head and neck. Watsu stretching techniques and joint mobilization help relax the body. Soothing music can be heard intermittently as your body floats too and fro, back and forth and front and back. Steam, sauna and Jacuzzi round out the experience. Consider Lake Austin Spa for a reinvigorating escape from the craziness of wedding planning. The rooms are plush, all meals, coffee, teas and water are included at this 40-room destination spa and the French chef serves incredible conscientious cuisine. You can also take a care package of vegetables and seeds home with you. Come on in, the water's fine.

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