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Written and photographed by: Laurette Veres


As a seasoned travel writer, I don’t want to say the travel gets old, but one might think, another island in the Caribbean? What on earth could THIS island show me that the last one didn’t offer? Well, for one thing, Anguilla, was rated the BEST island for the third year in a row. Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, is one of those islands that makes you stand corrected. The island itself is small, only 16 miles long by 3 miles wide, but the vistas, the beaches, the people, and the FOOD will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

Anguilla, affectionately called the Rainbow Island, is located in the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, and directly north of St Marten. Anguilla is known for its coral reefs and beaches and includes many smaller islands and cays. The first thing you notice when you arrive to the island destination is the plethora of sailboats. Boats are everywhere. In fact, most tourists arrive on St Maarten, then take a water ferry to Anguilla. Other options include puddle jumper planes or private jets.

The luxurious Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa has a panoramic view of the Caribbean. The open, Grecian-esque architecture blends perfectly with the turquoise, serene water. As you walk through the white, spectacular lobby entrance which seamlessly blends to the rest of the resort, you are greeted by the sounds of the ocean taunting you into its languid embrace. Trust me, it is a strong pull.

The first resort was developed with the Amalfi coast in mind. The stark white buildings opposite the crystal blue water showcase all that the resort has to offer. The Cuisinart spans many acres and can accommodate large families. They have a variety of rooms, bungalows, suites, and apartments surely fitting any need. Each suite will boast a view of the water and a small walkout balcony, should you be lucky enough to be on the first floor, then you will have direct access to the beach.

If you have the means to rent the “house”, I highly recommend it! This house boasts 3-4 bedrooms, that are all detached but are connected by a central atrium. When you walk in the house, your kitchen, dining and entertaining area welcome you, as do the wall of windows that take you to the private pool and direct, private access to your own little section of the beach and resort. Should you choose to have butler and chef services, that can be made available. No luxury is spared in this dreamy setting.

There is MUCH to do at the Cuisinart Resort. There is something for EVERYONE to do! The kids have their own bright, mesmerizing water splash pad area that can entertain for hours, you might even see an adult or two on a hot day! There are pools throughout the resort for lounging, sunbathing, and swimming. But they also have aquatic kickboxing/cycling and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board YOGA!! These are all offered to all guests at no extra charge!

Open, yet inviting, bar areas are the perfect respite for visitors to relax and soak up the views. The bar offers guests group tastings of Caribbean rums, flights of wine, etc. You have a vision? They have the reality. There are five main restaurants on the main resort and each offers different cuisine to satisfy varying palettes. Asian/infusion, Spanish, French, local, no matter what you eat, you will be DELIGHTED, it IS Cuisinart for goodness sake! A specialty of the Asian fusion restaurant is their cooking classes. This was probably one of my favorite things about the whole trip. We were given a set menu, chef hats, all the ingredients (like in a Hello Fresh box) and a fun chef to guide us through the process on the hibachi grille. Nothing can bring a group together like a cooking class filled with yummy smells, good conversation, and learning something new. What a lovely way for newlyweds to learn new skills together to have as memories for the years to come. Every time they prepare THAT special dish, it will take them back to Cuisinart.

When Cuisinart built this resort, no expense was spared. This is evident in every detail you see, especially in the spa and golf areas. The spa is a multi-award-winning blissful haven. The building is a 27,000-square-foot complete circle allowing windows for views of the resort and island. There are 16 full service rooms. If you choose to indulge in one of the many spa packages, you are whisked to the waiting area on the second floor. This overlooks the peaceful water and there’s a breeze from the ocean that floats in and out of the room. They have Vichy rooms, couples massage rooms, hydro-therapy massage and private men’s rooms too. There is a salt water hydro therapy pool for relaxing before or after your treatments. You may never want to leave. If spa treatments aren’t your thing, that’s ok, they offer classes on essential oils, a “blending” bar where you create your own body scrubs/oils/lotions and even candle making! Truly, something for everyone.

Although, I cannot say that I am an avid golfer, I can appreciate beauty and precision when I see it. The Cuisinart Golf Resort is SPECTACULAR. Greg Norman, the legend, himself, help personally design this “fun, but challenging” golf course. It is well known across the Caribbean and most vacationers will make a stop at the course no matter what hotel/resort or island they are staying on. The course is fun but challenging because there is water on 13 of the 18 holes. I guess we ARE on an island. If you are a guest of the hotel and decide to play, there are clubs for you to enjoy included in your stay. No need to pack those heavy sticks and lug them through customs. You can always upgrade to a “premium” selection of clubs for a fee, naturally, but it is nice to know that golf is an option for ALL! This golfer’s paradise is a sight to see for sure.

Obviously, with all of the above mentioned options at the Cuisinart resort, why would you need to leave? Well, technically, you don’t. Mr. Cuisinart decided he would just build another resort a few miles down the road “just in case” you got bored or wanted something else to do on the island. No joke. The Reef is a mile or so down the resort road and is a high rise building with 50 rooms in the main building with 25 beach front villas/suites. We were unable to get a full tour of this fabulously posh resort because it had been rented out by a family for the week. (Hello, adopt me please.) Lucky for us, guests of both resorts can come and go as they please and use all the facilities the Reef has to offer.

This Anguilla trip has quickly settled itself into one of the top three vacation spots I’ve been lucky enough to visit. The island, the people, the food, it’s heaven. The only negative thing I can say about the trip was the length I stayed. It wasn’t enough. If you are going to have a bit of a trek to get there, and you do, then you should enjoy your time there unrestricted. You will thank me later. Bon voyage! 3 / 3 71%

Gorgeous sunset in Anguilla.


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