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Brittany & Joseph

Brittany Tucker and Joseph Wager

Brittany and Joseph met through close mutual friends. When they were first introduced, Joseph was living in Springfield, Illinois while Brittany was here in Texas. They spoke over the phone for a few weeks before he decided to surprise her and fly down to Texas. She visited him in Illinois and eventually, he made the move to Texas.

He took her to their favorite spot, the 360 Bridge in Austin to pop the big question. It was a place they went to often to hike, sit by the water, and enjoy each other’s company.

The wedding took place at Union on the 8th in Georgetown, Brittany’s hometown. She was instantly drawn to the bright blue doors on the venue’s exterior and its cozy feel.

The area was perfect for a food truck, which was on the couple’s wedding wish list. Since the wedding was right around Halloween, they had a candy bar which was a huge hit among guests!

The venue was also set up with a garage door connecting the inside to the outside, so guests could hear the music wherever they were!

Brittany's lace gown is from David's Bridal

Following the festivities, Brittany and Joseph went on an unforgettable cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Roatan.

Photos By: Victoria Grace

Wedding Date: 27th October, 2017


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