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Cara & Chris

Cara Pilgrim and Christopher Paxton

Christopher and Cara met in a running club while they were both living in Fort Worth. He immediately walked up and introduced himself to her, and they hit it off. While on vacation in Glacier National Park, the couple went on a ten-mile hike to a beautiful lake. They walked out onto a dock, and Christopher proposed with the breathtaking backdrop. Then he pulled out a bottle of champagne that he had hiked with the whole time.

The couple decided to celebrate the occasion in Cara’s hometown of The Woodlands, outside of Houston. They held the ceremony at The Woodlands United Methodist Church followed by the reception at the posh Woodlands Country Club. The day was filled with joy, and even two “party alpacas” that guests could take pictures with! The honeymoon was put on pause due to COVID-19, but Christopher and Cara look forward to extending the celebration of their marriage with a trip to Hawaii.

Cara picked a gorgeous trail gown from Bliss Bridal, a boutique in Fort Worth.

Cara's advice for future brides: "You will get lots of thoughts and opinions from others - even if you don’t ask for them. Remember, this day is about you and your spouse to be. Do what will make you happy, and don’t do something just to please others."

Wedding date: March 14, 2020

Photographer: Scott Kelley


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