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Davina & Yinka

Adedola Davina Fatunbi and Oluyinka Olutoni Olutoye.

Davina and Yinka both work in healthcare. Davina is a pharmacy student, and Yinka is a physician. They met at Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) annual convention in June 2009.

Davina’s fairytale began when Yinka randomly asked her on a date. He picked her up and took her to their favorite bakery, Tiff’s Treats. Little did she know this was the start to one of the happiest days of her life. Next, they headed to the Japenese Garden, then the Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens while random photographers approached them for photos.

After touring the collections, Yinka took Davina to the next location, Brenners on the Bayou. Once they got to the restaurant, Yinka insisted they took some selfies around the restaurant’s garden. Not knowing what what Yinka had in store, Davina began to get restless and tired of taking pictures. She decided to play along and take pictures.

As they walked, Yinka led them toward a romantic dinner under a gazebo. As they got closer, the random photographers appeared. Then, Davina saw her sister and Yinka’s best friend. With tears in Davina’s eyes, Yinka began to sing. Yinka finally popped the question and Davina said yes! After the proposal, Yinka took her back to her parents house for a surprise engagement party.

Davina & Yinka had their beautiful wedding at Sans Souci Ballroom. Their elegant wedding was filled with close friends and family. The night consisted of a full course cuisine incorporated with Nigerian delicacies.

The wedding party also featured hanging cake created by Ehi's Cakes.

Their guests were entertained at every point with the hanging cake and a trapeze dancer. The bridal party stole the show with a choreographed dance battle.

The beautiful bride bought her gown from La Reve Bridal Couture.

Davina's advice for future brides: "Live in the moment. Open up gifts from registry as they come and send out thank you cards early on."

The newlyweds had an extended honeymoon trip with 3 days in Cancun, Mexico and a 7 day cruise to Grand Caymans, Jamaica, and Cozumel.

Wedding date: 25th May, 2019

Photographer: Olu Ogundeyin


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