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Madison & Jake

Madison Minter and Jacob Hollman

Madison is a Special event make-up artist & lash tech, and Jake is a gas scheduler at Cima Energy.

"We met Homecoming night junior year of high school we both had different dates he came up to me while I was at dinner and introduced himself and told me I was beautiful in front of my boyfriend at the time!"

Madison and Jake have been together since 2014 and are proud parents of two lovely children: 2 year old Lively Dawn Hollman, and 10 month old Jamison Quillen Hollman.

Proposal story: "Right after graduating at the University of Mississippi and doing long distance for four and a half years Jake came back to live here and proposed shortly after."

The couple decided to tie the knot at Water Edge Venue in El Lago, Texas. "We wanted our wedding to be close to the water this venue was perfect because we grew up close to it and it was beautiful."

Madison picked a beautiful gown from Impressions Bridal for her dream wedding.

Madison's advice for brides-to be: "When it comes to planning stay authentic to yourself and your family! Take care and be nice to your vendors because they work so hard to make your day special! Take moments on your wedding day to just look and see everything that you and the vendors worked so hard to plan! Really try to be in the moment and cherish your special day it goes by so fast!"

Wedding date: 22 May, 2022


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