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Mica & Chris

Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO

Mica Gillian Ruck & Christopher Paul Elder

Play Ball! | by Ashley Petty |

Mica and Chris like to tell people they met when Chris, a Houston police officer, pulled Mica over for speeding. When Chris laid eyes on Mica he found her to be so cute that there was just no way he could ever write her a ticket. While the couple truly met via e-harmony and bonded through messages during their late-night shifts there was no denying that Chris actually found Mica to be a real catch.

Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO

After seeking the permission of Mica’s parents, Chris planned an intricate wedding proposal in which he placed the ring on the straw of Mica’s favorite drink from Dunkin Donuts. After making a brief exit to collect herself Mica re-entered the room and of course, said yes!

Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO
Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO

Being from New Jersey, Mica wanted a wedding that strayed from the typical ballroom feel. The couple decided to tie the knot on home plate at Minute Maid Park in April. Mica wore a Winnie Couture dress that made her feel truly beautiful. The reception was held in the Diamond Club and the couple even hosted a softball game on the day of their wedding to get everyone in the spirit. The couple honeymooned in Maui, where they finally got a break from their fatiguing night shift hours. The sporty couple definitely knocked this wedding out of the park!

Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO

Bride's Advice

“Have fun. You don’t have to be the perfect Pinterest bride. Do things that you and your future husband love. The real fun and smiles and laughter will shine through.”

Mica & Chris Entourage_Alison CARLINO
Mica & Chris_Alison CARLINO
Mica & Chris wedding cake_Alison CARLINO

Photos: Alison CARLINO with Carlino’s Photography

Wedding Date: April 16, 2014


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