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Brooke & Mark

Brooke Elizabeth Jones & Mark Patrick Chinetti

From Captains’ to Newlyweds

Brooke Elizabeth Jones and Mark Patrick Chinetti, both Army Captains, met while stationed in Colorado. The officers worked together, ate together and started spending free time together as best friends. One day, she accidentally ended a phone call with, “I love you.” The rest is history.

Brooke & Mark_Photo Stefano Choi
Brooke & Mark_ Photo Stefano Choi
Brooke & Mark_Photo Stefano Choi

Bride's Advice

We spent a massive chunk of our time with the photographer and videographer, and between One Track Films and Stefano, we were in stitches the whole time. Once we got our wedding trailer back, it was emotional. Mark and I loved watching our wedding again – especially from the vantage point of your family and friends.

Photos: Stefano Choi Photography

Wedding Date: February 14, 2015


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